Creamy Ricotta Penne with Lemon, Garlic, and Pecorino Romano

When it comes to pasta dinners, the possibilities are endless. Tonight, I went for a creamy ricotta penne with lemon, garlic, and pecorino romano. What an amazing combination. I threw in some freshly chopped celery leaves from the garden for color and an extra dimension of flavor. The ingredients 454 g good quality dry penne… Continue reading Creamy Ricotta Penne with Lemon, Garlic, and Pecorino Romano

Hearty and Herby Bolognese Sauce

Next on my list of quick and delicious summer dinner recipes is a beautiful bolognese sauce which you can serve over pasta, or even with some fresh crusty bread. I’m adding lots of fresh garden herbs to this sauce to make it extra special. The ingredients (4 servings) 0.5 kg minced beef 690 ml strained tomatoes… Continue reading Hearty and Herby Bolognese Sauce

Pasta e Fagioli 

Here’s another quick and easy one-pot meal to save you time after a busy day! Having married into an Italian family, pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans) was bound to make its way onto my dinner table… and what a welcome addition it has been. Hearty and protein-packed, this meal will be a great addition… Continue reading Pasta e Fagioli 

Quick and Easy One Pan Pasta 

I was running late today and needed to prepare a quick and easy meal. Nothing better than a one-pot meal to speed things up on a busy day (or in this case, a one-pan meal). This dish has it all: chunky ground meat, gooey mozzarella, creamy ricotta, lovely veggies, and yummy pasta wrapped in a… Continue reading Quick and Easy One Pan Pasta