Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits

I had my lovely friend, Linda, over for dinner tonight. I made a comforting soup to enjoy over good conversation. The ingredients 4 cups homemade chicken broth 3/4 cup milk 1 potato, peeled, boiled, and mashed Florets from one cauliflower 3 cloves garlic, sliced 1 carrot, chopped 1 onion, chopped 6 strips of bacon 2… Continue reading Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits

Pasta e Fagioli 

Here’s another quick and easy one-pot meal to save you time after a busy day! Having married into an Italian family, pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans) was bound to make its way onto my dinner table… and what a welcome addition it has been. Hearty and protein-packed, this meal will be a great addition… Continue reading Pasta e Fagioli